The Memory Project Speakers Bureau

Founded in 2001, over one million Canadian students have experienced
first-hand stories of Canadian service men and women,
members of The Memory Project.

Brown Public School French Immersion - Grades 4 & 5
Teacher, Michele Breslin, is peaking out, 2 children to my right

TD Bank's Jeffrey Burton & Frank

Jeffrey Burton, me + Suzana Petrunic & Joe Strazzeri, Organizers of the 2016 TD Bank Remembrance Day presentation
The Memory Project gives me the opportunity to give several presentations each
year at the approach of Remembrance Day.

The children, especially the younger ones, are invariablly charming. The first question of the younger ones is often a version of "How many people did you kill?"
They are also a generous and touching audience. I'll never forget the two little boys
who thanked me and gave me a present of their pet rocks.

My talks at various businesses are rewarding too, in a different way, of course.
I turned 18 only after the war had been going for four years. Nevertheless, these
visits are an opportunity to talk about what it was like to train as a signalman in the Navy and, in general, what it was like to be a young man in wartime Canada.